Finally made good on some learning about convex cones

Last summer (2 summers ago?) I did some reading about the simplex method and learned a little about convex cones and polytopes. I finally did something with that!

Artificial life of interest!

I learned about the Lenia alife system yesterday night and I'm captivated. More to come as I work through this From Conway's Game of Life to Lenia.

Images I made doing exercises in Visual Complex Analysis

Visual Complex Analysis 1: +/- 1 from points on complex unit circle

Visual Complex Analysis 2: understanding convergence of geometric series with spirals

An early experiment in hosting NetLogo on GithubPages

I'm going to try this here as well, but with a cleverer agent based model. The vaccination code is novel, but most of the rest is copied directly from the NetLogo Models Library included SIR model. Copy/pasted virus + vaccination simulation